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What can ARA offer to Vendors?

ARA Endorsements – As an Endorsed Vendor the immediate impact in the Atlanta Market with 950+ of independent operators a vendor will have exposure to a vast market share.

Space – Shelf space is a key area for any merchant, ARA will establish the space need to assist a vendor to promote their products.

Promotions– ARA marketing programs will have an immediate impact as we use many different levels of marketing from posters, monthly newsletter, Field merchandisers and often voice messages to emphasize a program.

Exposure – ARA uses many levels of Marketing to promote the Endorsed Vendors through the Monthly Newsletter, Website and Field Merchants.

Newsletter – The newsletter is Monthly publication which is distributed to all ARA members.

Pump Toppers – Pump Toppers is used by ARA to promote a program in certain geographic markets.

Town Hall Meetings – These Meeting are held minimum of twice a year to inform the ARA membership of market changes, new contracts and other projects.

General Body Meeting – The General Body Meeting is an annual event where the ARA Body, Membership and Vendors come together to network and enjoy the festivities.

Website – The ARA website is a marketing tool and a bridge to communicate to ARA members, vendors and inform the general public the ARA platform.

Compliance Director - The Compliance Director is a member of the team that enhances and enforces the programs adapted by the ARA Board.

Member Services Staff – ARA has developed a Member Service Department that bridges the lines of communication between the vendors and the ARA members.

Two Field Merchandisers – ARA field Merchandisers visit the ARA member C-stores four times a year to discuss contract, promotions and to ensure compliance with approved ARA contracts.