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ARA Picnic 2010 - Pictures !! - 10/01/2012

We are pleased to let our members know that the pictures from the ARA Picnic 2010 are now available for viewing.

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ARA Board and members recently took a much needed break to celebrate the ending of a busy, yet successful summer, to celebrate togetherness and happiness, to come closer as a team and to work as a team. We stepped away from our stores, busy schedules and computers for a Sunday afternoon and headed to Clayton County International Beach and Water Park for a ARA 2010 family picnic. There was plenty of delicious food, fruits, snacks, snow cones, loads of games and enjoyable company, including members along with their families. The entire beach was reserved for ARA members on that sunny and warm day. Approx. 1200 people attended the picnic. The park provided life guards, floating tubes, water slides and a water park area for smaller children.

The highlight of the afternoon, however, was a fierce volley ball game and endless rounds of tug of war games. We all had a blast! The fun was an outcome of our togetherness. Many went the water way. Some fell for it, some fell in it, while those scared of water just waited and watched it. The fun lasted all day and ended with dancing.

In the afternoon, workshops for the primary members included information on the website, newsletter, safety and security, and new deals. A raffle contest was drawn for those who attended these workshops in which winners received 32” TV, iPod, iPad, cameras, etc.

Volunteers behind the concession stand had set up an impressive outdoor kitchen. Thanks to all the wonderful and dedicated volunteers and office staff who took charge and helped in every little detail, to make this picnic a most memorable and grand success. Special thanks to the Picnic Planning Committee including Treasurer Moyees Merchant, Hon. Secretary Nazim Ali, Director Siraj Lalani, Director Nooruddin Khaja, Director Amin Basaria and Director Badruddin Gaulani for planning such an exciting and successful event.