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Bulk Buying Power

ARA assures access to an adequate supply of competitively-priced products for members through cooperative collective bargaining and negotiation. The association creates long-standing alliances with its vendors and suppliers in order to provide its members with the benefit of volume pricing.

Discounts and Rebate Programs

ARA negotiates better deals for its members and passes the savings to them in the form of rebate checks and specialty discounts.

Educational and Training Seminars

ARA provides members with opportunities for professional growth through educational and service-oriented programs such as training sessions, seminars, workshops, resources, newsletters, and networking. View calendar for upcoming events.


ARA also holds Town Hall meetings for the membership activities to keep members informed of the happening in the industry while allowing them a chance to network.


ARA produces a monthly newsletter called ARA Newsline that not only covers industry and trade association news but also includes industry tips and trends beneficial to the members.